About us

About Us

Hark Herald Press is a boutique open-source intelligence team specializing in China research, with a focus on China’s political influence campaign, United Front network, and geopolitical strategy.

Founded in early 2020, Hark Herald Press started as a group of individuals who shared the vision that sharing truthful and insightful information is the most effective way to defend democracy.

The team demonstrated its expertise by being the first to decipher Chinese billionaire fugitive Guo Wengui’s activities through his United Front connections, 18 months ahead of the DOJ indictment.

The team has realized that today’s China Research is flawed both in its analytical framework and data collection method. Massive amounts of open-source data are ignored at the peril of national security. Mainstream media struggle mightily to cover this increasingly important topic. Hark Herald Press is committed to doing its best to bridge the gap by offering its unique expertise.

Hark Herald Press is a diverse team with unique insight into criminal evidence examination, cybersecurity, and Chinese psychological warfare operation. It enjoys a rewarding relationship with several Open Source Intelligence teams made up of dedicated Chinese Americans, and more, fighting CCP disinformation at the forefront. 

Hark Herald Press follows a strict “Court Ready” standard, which means every piece of evidence it includes in its publication such as exclusive reports and its Twitter threads has to be rigorous enough to win a court argument beyond doubt. The team draws its strength from its diverse background and distinctive techniques in capturing often missed information snippets, processing publicly available data, and synthesizing information by connecting the dots.

Founding Editor Andy Davis an**@ha********.com
Writer James Love IV jf******@gm***.com
Writer Louis Hardiman
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