Welcome to Hark Herald Press!

Welcome to the launch of Hark Herald Press! Thank you for visiting our new web site. We are a news consolidator, but we are also committed to producing original content. As the news industry moves towards less research and more towards sensationalism, we here at Hark Herald are committed to providing quality, well-researched content.

Today we are launching our first iteration of the Hark Herald web site for what we hope will be a strong, lasting presence among information sources.

Although we lean to the political left, that's not always the case. We welcome different points of view. Please contact us if you are a writer and wish to submit an article. As long as you work is balanced, verifiable and well written, it will be posted regardless of political view.

About the software we use -- we feel the format of the article and messaging system is far more robust and user friendly than other news sites. Try it and we think you'll agree.

We can also be found on YouTube under "Hark Herald Press." On Twitter we are at @HarkHeraldPress. Be sure to watch our latest videos and subscribe to our channel so we can continue offering lively and informative content.

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