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NEWS WRAP: The Noteworthy Headlines From The Past Week

General News
  • Sunday, November 01 2020 @ 08:55 PM UTC
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Let's examine the latest noteworthy headlines across the USA

White House Pandemic Adviser Appears on Russian State Media, Dismisses Predictions About Covid-19 Deaths in USA

White House pandemic adviser Dr. Scott Atlas gave an extensive interview to RT, the Kremlin-controlled state media network in which he asserted coronavirus lockdowns “are killing people,” attacked public health experts and dismissed models predicting hundreds of thousands more pandemic deaths in the US.

Atlas gave the interview via satellite from the White House grounds, according to the footage. He said the pandemic is improving in the US, even as daily case counts and death counts hit new records for the pandemic as a whole.

“We see a lot of cases. We do not see an explosion of deaths,” Atlas asserted.

Link: White House Pandemic Adviser Appears On Russian State Media

Texas Supreme Court Denies Republicans' Petition to Throw Out Over 127,000 Ballots in Harris County Cast Through Curbside Voting

On Sunday, the Supreme Court of Texas denied a request by the state's Republicans to reject over 127,000 ballots cast through curbside voting in Harris County, Texas. These efforts follow an October 22 decision by the Texas Supreme Court denying a GOP bid to shut down curbside voting — also know as drive-thru voting. The petition claims that drive-thru voting is an illegal expansion of curbside voting, the Austin American-Statesman reports.

Link: Texas supreme court rejects Republican effort to toss 127,000 drive-thru votes

FBI investigating alleged harassment of Biden campaign bus in Texas

From the article: "The FBI is investigating an incident in Texas on Friday involving the alleged harassment of a Biden-Harris campaign bus by motorists displaying Trump 2020 flags, a law enforcement source familiar with the investigation told CNN.
According to another source familiar with the incident, people in vehicles that were part of a "Trump Train" began yelling profanities and obscenities and then blockaded the entire Biden entourage.

At one point they slowed the tour bus to roughly 20 mph on Interstate 35, the campaign official said. The vehicles slowed down to try to stop the bus in the middle of the highway. The source said there were nearly 100 vehicles around the campaign bus. Biden staffers were rattled by the event, the source said, although no one was hurt. Staffers on the bus called 911, which eventually led to local law enforcement assisting the bus to its destination.

Trump claimed at a campaign rally on Sunday that his supporters were "protecting" the bus.

Link: FBI Investigating Alleged Harassment of Biden Campaign Bus by Trump Supporters

Lil Wayne Meets With Trump: "He Listened," Platinum Plan Will "Give The Community Real Ownership"

Rapper Lil Wayne tweeted a photo of him and President Donald Trump and praised him for his actions on criminal justice reform following a meeting on Thursday. Lil Wayne said the president "listened to what we had to say" and gave a shoutout to the Platinum Plan.

From Lil Wayne's tweet: "Just had a great meeting with @realdonaldtrump @potus besides what he’s done so far with criminal reform, the platinum plan is going to give the community real ownership. He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done. Call me."

Link: Lil' Wayne Meets With Trump


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