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Welcome to Hark Herald Press Wednesday, November 25 2020 @ 05:06 PM UTC

NEWS WRAP: The Noteworthy Headlines From The Past Week

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  • Sunday, November 08 2020 @ 07:56 PM UTC
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Let's examine the latest noteworthy headlines across the USA

The Final Gasp of Donald Trump’s Presidency

Donald Trump going out with a limp seems like an oxymoron,” a senior adviser to the president told me. In width and in word, in soaring skyscrapers and Brioni suits and arena rallies and various euphemisms for great (yuge, bigly), the man has been defined by and obsessed with largeness. His presidency is ending small.
This person, who speaks to the president often — or, more accurately, who listens and says uh-huh as the president speaks — said that Trump is not just done for, but done. “He wants to lose. He’s out of money. He worries about being arrested. He worried about being assassinated,” they said. “It hasn’t been a great experience for him. He likes showing people around the White House, but the actual day-to-day business of being president? It’s been pretty unpleasant for him.”

Link to NY Magazine article

Republicans Are Standing By Trump, Even as the World Moves On

Leaders from around the world offered statements congratulating President-elect Joe Biden over the weekend, messages acknowledging the results of the election that President Donald Trump refuses to concede
Despite the swaths of foreign officials accepting Biden’s triumph over Trump, many Republicans have not. Most senior Republican lawmakers have abstained from issuing statements congratulating Biden, as is customary among leaders on both sides of the aisle after a presidential election is called. The silence follows Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s lead. As the New York Times reported, the top Senate Republican was unwilling to even acknowledge Biden’s triumph on Saturday, instead directing reporters, via an aide, to a broad statement he made on Friday calling for “every legal vote” to count. The assertion was posted on Twitter in the midst of Trump’s dangerous lies about election fraud, baseless allegations that McConnell did not directly address.

Link to Vanity Fair article

Hollywood conservatives praise Trump, deny Joe Biden's presidential victory: 'Throw out every illegal vote'

While a majority of left-leaning celebrities who endorsed Biden reacted with gleeful remarks, celebrities who have publicly endorsed Trump are arguing that Biden's win is not legal.

Some even claim Trump has been reelected to a second term in the White House.
Just before Biden was projected to be the next U.S. president, TV celebrity Kirstie Alley suggested she's skeptical of voting results.

"C’mon!! All the known, before the election, swing states are the ones having trouble and not able to count in one day?! .. That doesn’t raise questions with anyone other than Trump voters? Come on now.. C’mon. Cooooooooome oooooooooon," she wrote.

Link to Fox News article


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