Beijing Master Plan

Beijing has a master plan

Beijing has a master plan

The Plan

On Dec 19, 2019, in a pro-Trump forum held by Epoch Times, Daniel Lou shared:

  1. United Front helped elect Trump in 2016;
  2. Beijing has a master plan to sway the US politics with its money.


Nov 2016

“How We Campaigned For Trump“

Jeffrey Liu shared how his organization campaigned for Trump.

Liu is a close associate of Daniel Lou.

Liu is an important United Front officer.

He is also the Overseas Operating Officer of People’s Daily, CCP’s most important propaganda institution.

7 months after he shared how he campaigned for Trump, China issued a stamp for Jeffrey Liu.

Dec 2, 2017


On Dec. 2, 2017, Daniel Lou organized fundraising for Trump’s reelection held at Cipriani Restaurant in New York, by bringing in 30 Chinese guests to a $ 2,700 per seat.

Ronna McDaniel offered Lou an official position as a volunteer fundraiser for Trump Victory. Lou started to make his way into RNC.

Jan 26, 2018

Safari Night

Cindy Yang, a 45-year-old spa owner in Floria held “Safari Night” bringing wealthy Chinese into a fundraiser in Mar-a-lago.

Appointed by Beijing

Cindy Yang is a United Front officer. This is her holding appointment letter issued by Beijing.

Targeting MAGA GOP

United Front has been investing for years to build connections with the MAGA GOP.

May 2019

Campaign Legal Center Complaint

On May 19, 2019, a complaint was filed to Federal Election Commission against 13 individuals including Cindy Yang and Daniel Lou.

They were found to use straw men to bring in Chinese money in violation of Federal Election laws.

Federal Election Commission Complaint

May 2019

FBI started probing into Cindy Yang

A senior United Front Officer

But the FBI probe had little impact on Lou.

Although Cindy Yang is apparently a junior partner to Lou, western media mistakenly concluded that Lou is not a major player.

The reverse is true.

Lou is one of the most senior United Front officers deployed in the US. 

In Feb 2018, his company was awarded the status to handle Belt and Road projects.

Lou is the president and founder of a number of high-profile United Front organizations including US-China Entrepreneur Association.(美中企业家联谊会)

Dec 5, 2012, People’s Daily featured a report of its foundation.

VIP Only Event

On July 27, 2016 Daniel Lou was invited to the 89th anniversary of CCP military aka PLA celebration.

Among about 400 invitation-only VIP guests who showed up for the event that lasted only 2 hours, Lou is in a photo posing with the highest-ranking Chinese diplomat in the US that day.

Dec 21, 2019

Make China Great Again

On Dec 21, 2019, Daniel Lou was invited to be a keynote speaker in the forum held by Epoch Times.

In addition to sharing how Beijing helped elect Trump, Lou shared the vision of the Rejuvenation of China or Xi Jinping’s Make China Great Again.

He laid out a plan to turn North America into a base by substituting the local social fiber with what China exports.

Dec 21, 2019

Epoch Times-“A paradigm for Chinese media“

In the presentation, Lou laid out the crucial role Epoch Times has in this grand vision of the Rejuvenation of China.

“Epoch Times sets a paradigm for Chinese media in the West”, Lou added.

According to Lou, Epoch Times’ growing influence in Western society is apparently crucial.

“Trump is better for China“

Before the 2020 General Election, Professor Canrong Jin, CCP’s top political think tank laid out why Trump’s reelection would be better for CCP.

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