The Beginning of the J6 Insurrection

On Friday-Saturday, December 18th-19th, 2020, from 7:30 PM until 12:10 AM: former President Trump had a meeting at the White House that was not on his schedule.

Sidney Powell, Michael Flynn, Patrick Byrne, Emily Newman and Rudy Giuliani walked into the Oval Office, let in by Peter Navarro’s aide Garrett Ziegler. (Byrne had not met Trump before.) WH counsel Pat Cipollone, WH lawyer Eric Herschmann, WH staff secretary Derek Lyons and Mark Meadows joined the meeting during the next 15-30 minutes.

Flynn and others told President Trump that the officials reporting on the election results were liars, and urged President Trump to declare martial law and have the military seize the voting machines.

Axios: “It almost became a physical fight,” “Flynn was yelling at the White House staff.” Cassidy Hutchinson texted Tony Ornato at 12:11 AM and sent pictures of Mark Meadows escorting Rudy Giuliani out of the White House to make sure he didn’t return.

At 1:42 AM, on December 19th, 2020, then President Trump tweeted about Peter Navarro’s election-fraud claims, ending his tweet with, “Big protest in D.C. on January 6th. Be there, will be wild!”

According to Capitol Hunters, this was the green-light moment for January 6th, signaling the Proud Boys and others to war against the United States.

The next day, meetings including Chines United Front Work Department operatives were hastily called and began organizing the Trump supporting Chinese community to attend the January 6th insurrection.

Ironically, as this planning meeting to mobilize Chinese Americans to participate the insurrection was going on, Trump’s people were trying to link election fraud to China. US intelligence was falsely led to conclude that China and Iran preferred Biden.

In Part One of this series, Hark Herald revealed  that Professor Jin, Canrong, a top notch CCP political strategist laid out in an internal meeting why re-electing Trump would be more beneficial to CCP.

Cipallone resisted the proposal by Sidney Powell and Mike Flynn.

Powell said that Trump asked her to be Special Counsel.

Following the J6 preparation meeting on December 19th, 2020, which is mentioned above and explained in great detail in Part Two of this series, a notice was posted on several Chinese forums outlining a detailed itinerary for the January 6th Insurrection.

The notice prominently featured the Chinese American Alliance for Trump (CAAFT):

(Original Link:

(Backup Link:


(Backup Link:, a website controlled by China’s tech giant Tencent, which also owns WeChat, began broadcasting the same message.

Guo Wengui’s IT admin also utilized an email with the domain to manage the backend of his “anti-CCP” website. As previously discussed, any domain associated with is under constant surveillance by Chinese cyberpolice.

Tencent operates buildings designated for CCP cyber-police to monitor its apps. The image provided shows the entrance of a police station dedicated to monitoring activities on social media apps owned by Tencent.

On these apps, any posts disliked by the CCP are promptly deleted. Individuals who post or share such content can be detained within hours.

The message was initially posted on December 30th, 2020, in Chongqing, a major metropolitan city in China, where Mr. William Je served in its municipal CPPCC charter, a pseudo-congress controlled by the United Front.

(Original Report:


Simultaneously, operatives within the Chinese community sprang into action, urging Chinese individuals to participate in the January 6th event.


The contact number provided in the tweet mentioned above was the same as the one listed in a notification circulated on WeChat. The number was associated with the Church of Rock in Flushing, New York.

Church of Rock is a far-right Chinese church promoted by Epoch Times:

Proliferation of far right Chinese churches happen in recent years. It is concerning that this occurred after the 2015-2018 United Front reorganization. Two new divisions were added to focus on “Religious Work”: Division Eleven and Twelve.

“Overseas Chinese Work” and “Religious Work” are the highlights of Xi’s vision of United Front. It is prudent to understand the relationship between the rise of such churches with the United Front reorganization.

Chinese participants included – “Dissidents” and those not eligible to vote

Prior to the insurrection, CAAFT organized rallies under the banner of “Stop the Steal.”, even Chinese American kids were brought into the rally.

On January 6th, 2020, numerous Chinese “anti-CCP dissidents,” including Bob Fu, participated in the J6 insurrection. Here are the tweets sent by Fu:

The is the screenshot of Bob Fu tweeting his support for Kyle Rittenhouse before the insurrection:

Bob Fu’s tweets reveal that J6 participation was well-organized within the Chinese Community. The same host Fu stayed with, took care of other participants including Mr. Wu, Jianmin, who had traveled from California to stay with him the night before J6.

Wu started his journey early, leaving California for J6 on January 1st. He posted this tweet as he was leaving for D.C.:

It’s worth noting that Wu was not yet eligible to vote. According to his biography, Wu arrived in the US in 2015. Assuming he arrived on January 1st, 2015, and was issued a green card by ICE on the same day, which is highly unlikely, Wu would not have been eligible to vote until July 2021. Hark Herald created this illustration based on the US immigration laws and process:

Despite being ineligible to vote, Wu was present at J6:

Wu is not the only Chinese individual who participated in J6 despite being ineligible to vote. In fact, many of the Chinese attendees had yet to receive approval for their green cards. 

An example is the lady featured in this video, Ms. Wang, who had arrived in the US just a few days before J6. You can view the interview conducted by Isobel Yeung here:

Jane Jin, the woman who brought Wang to J6, also participated in the December 19th, 2020, J6 planning meeting. 

For those who are interested in learning more about Chinese participation in J6, I highly recommend watching video showing the interview by Isobel Yeung titled “Why Some Chinese Dissidents Love QAnon.” This interview provides valuable firsthand footage, showcasing individuals actively involved in the J6 event organized by CAAFT. It sheds light on how the Chinese community was influenced to develop a sense of distrust towards American democracy and directed their attacks towards Biden.

As we discussed in previous reports, CAAFT was the insurrection organizer in the Chinese community across the US.

This clip shows the active participation of Pamela Tsai in J6.

You can find further coverage on Pamela Tsai in our previous report: The Untold Story: Lawsuits, Crimes, Guo Wengui, William Je, Pamala Tsai, the Epoch Times and Chinese Influence Operations in the United States.

Hark Herald discovered a non-profit registration record revealing a woman named Ping Cai listed as a director for an organization affiliated with Falun Gong. The record can be accessed here:

Within the Chinese OSINT community, there is a belief that Ping Cai is the same person as Pamela Tsai, who has been known to use multiple aliases such as Pamela Tsai, Nicole Tsai and Pan, Meiling.

Transcribing languages that don’t use the Latin script into the Roman Alphabet is called Romanization. Romanization is widely used in geography, the military, and tourism so that people who do not speak the language can still pronounce the names and locations such as Abe, Saigon and Taipei.

Mandarin Chinese is a language shared by China and Taiwan. Romanization of Mandarin Chinese is called pinyin, which is used with slight variations in both China and Taiwan.

“Cai” represents the Chinese pinyin spelling, while “Tsai” represents the Taiwanese pinyin spelling. 

Following Guo Wengui’s indictment and arrest, Pamela Tsai was been actively spreading misinformation claiming that Guo was a victim of persecution by a Department of Justice (DOJ) and that the DOJ has been infiltrated by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).  She even recruited George Santos to support her cause.

Pamela Tsai was present in this rally, where she praised for Marjorie Taylor Greene for coming out to support Guo:

On May 5th, 2023, Pamela Tsai and other associates of Guo organized a reception at a New Jersey mansion that Guo had purchased. The building had been seized by the DOJ. Nevertheless, Pamela Tsai, and other Guo supporters, transformed it into the “New Federal State of China Base,” where they continue to allege that Guo was framed by the DOJ. They also utilized the mansion to host George Santos.

In previous reports, Hark Herald has revealed Guo’s primary goals were to obtain a green card, establish a prominent position within the conservative circle in Washington, D.C., and build a media operation.

Guo first emerged within the Chinese American community in Flushing, NY, in 2017. It is worth noting that Hark Herald previously disclosed that the United Front underwent a significant reorganization by March 2018. According to Alex Joske, a leading scholar on the United Front, this restructuring was carried out to better align the United Front Work Department with Xi’s vision.

Xi emphasizes on strengthening CCP’s three magic weapons it uses to seize power and stay in power:

    1. United Front;
    2. Armed Struggle
    3. Party Building

Source: “China’s Digital Authoritarianism: Surveillance, Influence, and Political Control”

The United Front serves as the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) primary tool to assert its dominance over rivals both within the country and on the international stage.

The reorganization of the United Front began when Xi Jinping assumed power and was completed by March 2018. According to Alex Joske, this restructuring resulted in the addition of four new bureaus, expanding the total number from nine to thirteen. Two of the newly established bureaus were specifically focused on Overseas Chinese Work, which became a top priority for the United Front. Among these two bureaus, the Ninth Bureau was dedicated to media and propaganda, while the Tenth Bureau focused on coordinating with Chinese associations overseas. Notably, the Tenth Bureau handled the support infrastructure in China for the Chang-le association, which hosted the Chinese police stations in NYC.

FILE PHOTO: The former office of the America ChangLe Association, described by U.S. authorities as a Chinese ‘secret police station’ masquerading as a social gathering place for people from China’s Fujian province, on the fourth floor of the Royal East Plaza building at 107 East Broadway in the Chinatown neighborhood of New York City, U.S., April 17, 2023. REUTERS/Bing Guan/File Photo

Around the same time, Guo Wengui began pursuing the establishment of a media company. In 2018, Daniel Lou, another United Front operative have profiled previously, also began working closely with Epoch Times. Epoch Times has become a significant source of disinformation within the Chinese community. Its Chinese editions, in multiple Chinese dialects, differ greatly in the reporting on events from the English version of Epoch Times, misleading its Chinese readers. We must repeat that the Epoch Times is controlled by the Falun Gong.

The Falun Gong, which portrays itself as anti-CCP and garners sympathy for its persecution by the CCP, maintains a close partnership with the United Front. It appears, from their actions, they are trying to regain favor with the CCP and have become controlled opposition.

Pamela Tsai, a senior member of Falun Gong, became actively involved in Guo’s GTV, which also actively spreads disinformation and infiltrates the American right-wing under the guise of being anti-CCP.

All of these factors make Daniel Lou’s speech on December 19th, 2019, praising Epoch Times even more troubling.

As Lou boasted, “Beijing has a master plan.” 

The restructuring of the United Front was aimed at aligning the United Front more closely with Xi Jinping’s vision and utilizing it as a weapon to attack Western democracy.


Soon after this reorganization, we witnessed various infiltrations into the American right-wing, including figures like Cindy Yang and Daniel Lou. Chinese intelligence also infiltrated the MAGA circle, with links to money laundering and the distribution of fentanyl.


Guo Wengui and Epoch Times made concerted efforts to expand their right-wing disinformation operations and gain influence within the MAGA circle, both under the guise of being anti-CCP.

Both Guo and Epoch Times received support and praise from the United Front.

Lou explicitly stated that Epoch Times’ “achievements” were a crucial part of the Rejuvenation of the Chinese Nation and aligned with the United Front and Xi Jinping’s goal of “Making China Great Again.”

The concerning part of all this is that the true scale and scope of Lou’s statement, “Beijing has a master plan,” remain unknown. Considering the tight control exerted by Chinese intelligence, it is inconceivable that Lou would make such a speech without review and approval from high-ranking officials in Beijing.

It is not just the United States under attack: Australia, Sydney Symposium

On March 13th, 2021, a symposium took place at Club Ashfield in Sydney, Australia, more than four months after the US election and amidst the COVID lockdown.

The notice for the symposium was posted on WeChat on March 8th, 2021:



By way of providing context as to why this was held in Sydney, it is important to note there are many Chinese in Australia who are mobilized to spread disinformation. A lot of disinformation is “laundered” into Australia through WeChat and the new Chinese immigrant community first, before being spread into the US. At the same time, when Lude (YouTube), conducted his disinformation campaign against Hunter Biden, disinformation agents in Australia played a key role in magnifying the story.

Australia is a crucial component of this global disinformation network. Sources suggest that Chinese Intelligence partnered with Epoch Times in 2014 to build Russian-style content farms in Australia and Canada. Evidence also indicates these farms were established, with the involvement of Falun Gong, in Australia, after Xi Jinping came into power. Australia was chosen as the location due to its proximity to Beijing in terms of time zones and its status as one of the Five Eyes countries with close ties to the US.

The symposium received support from Vision Times(看中国), a media channel controlled by the Falun Gong:

The purpose of the symposium was for participants to reflect on “how to do better in the future,” in other words, how to be more effective in influencing future US elections.

Attendees and speakers were active in spreading misinformation, anti-vaccination sentiments, and QAnon messages online in Australia:

The following are some of the keynote speakers at the Sydney Symposium:

    1. Ms. Li Juan

Ms. Li Juan, a former Chinese dissident turned YouTuber, dedicates her YouTube programs to promoting QAnon messages. As of September 2021, she continued to spread the Big Lie:

Despite being an “anti-CCP activist,” Ms. Li spends a significant amount of her time in China meeting with CCP officials and United Front functionaries:

2. Ms. Zhe Jia

Zhe Jia, the pen name of a lady who was advertised as the organizer of the event, runs a WeChat magazine that focuses on spreading election and vaccine disinformation. This is the overseas mirror of her WeChat Magazine. (Archive:

On August 9th, 2021, she published an article claiming that an expert report confirmed election fraud, titled “Trump just issued a statement: election expert report confirmed: Election fraud is undeniable, where does America go from here?”:

Original post:

On September 30th, 2021, Zhe Jia published a report claiming that an internal recording of the FDA acknowledged the high toxicity of the vaccine:

Original Post:

On November 25th, 2021, Zhe Jia’s WeChat magazine featured an interview with Dr. Peter McCullough, who stated that the COVID vaccine would increase the risk of Myocarditis tenfold.

Original post:

On March 4th, 2022, ABC News published: Group of physicians combats misinformation as unproven COVID-19 treatments continue to be prescribed:

ABC News interviewed Dr. Peter McCullough, a Texas cardiologist, who promotes ivermectin as part of a “multi-drug protocol” aimed at early treatment of COVID-19 outpatients — despite the FDA and CDC’s warning that people should not be taking ivermectin at all for COVID-19 treatment outside of a clinical trial.

“If a patient is denied ivermectin, but the doctor says, ‘Listen, I’m comfortable with giving Paxlovid,’ I’m perfectly fine with that, OK? But when the doctor says no ivermectin, no hydroxychloroquine, no Paxlovid, no drugs at all, go home and wait until you come back sick, I’m not OK with that,” McCullough told ABC News.

Ms. Zhe Jia maintains quite an active profile on Billibili, a Chinese imitation of YouTube. 

She uploaded her interview with Ms Bei Ming to discredit the US 2020 General Election and accuse the mainstream media of covering up.

Archived link:

Billibili requires each user to disclose their residential address etc., in user registration. Any content disapproved by CCP cyber police will be removed immediately. Hers was not removed. 

Bei Ming works for Radio Free Asia. She is a well-known spreader of Big Lie, anti-Ukraine and pro-Putin messages:


3. Ms. Susie Su

Ms. Susie Su, another key speaker at the Symposium, focused her speech on denouncing the “shameful cover-up by the Western mainstream media of the election fraud.”

This was the point Ms. Su had been repeating since Dec 2020 in Epoch Times:

Original report:

 Ms. Su has extensive experience as a reporter for China Times, a widely recognized pro-Beijing newspaper that is reputed to maintain close association with the United Front.

4. Professor Feng Chongyi

Professor Feng, Chongyi attended the symposium as a keynote speaker.

One of Feng’s student was a former MSS spy, Mr. Yang Hengjun who was detained by MSS in a power struggle related to Xi.

On October 20th, 2020, Reuters published: Exclusive: Australian writer detained in Beijing told supporter he was a former Chinese spy

The friend, Australian-based academic , Feng Chongyi said Yang wrote that he told his interrogators he had been an MSS officer, a department which outranked theirs.

In the detailed letter he wrote to his former teacher, which was reviewed by Reuters, Yang revealed he had worked for China’s Ministry of State Security for a decade beginning in 1989, including in Hong Kong and Washington, before moving to Australia.

Reuters was unable to independently verify Yang’s claim that he spied for China and some other details of his letter.

Feng says Yang told them he was employed by the national security department in Hainan in 1989, and was posted as an undercover officer to Hong Kong in 1992, where he posed as a travel agent, and to the US in 1997 posing as a research fellow.

Hunter Biden Laptop

The participation of United Front operatives in the J6 incident should be investigated within the larger framework of a comprehensive disinformation campaign aimed at undermining the electoral process in the United States and Western countries.

On June 16th, 2022, Mother Jones reported: A Fugitive Chinese Mogul Spent Big to Overturn the 2020 Election:

Guo spent heavily to ensure his New Federal State of China would have a presence at the November rally. The documentation obtained by Mother Jones shows that a company controlled by Guo paid vendors who provided equipment for an NFSC event that day in which Guo’s supporters praised Trump and condemned the Chinese government.

This included a $46,000 payment to a Maryland company to rent a stage, a large LED screen, a sound system, lights, and a tent…The Guo-controlled company paid another $10,000 for a DJ. It paid $139,000 to rent studio space from which Guo supporters broadcast a live stream during the rally. …

… more than $300,000 to transport around 250 Guo supporters to the rally and to tout their presence there…Guo’s backers at the rally highlighted the NFSC’s support for Trump, distributing fliers that read, “Jesus is king; Trump is President,” with the organization’s logo and flag beneath.

In addition, the firm paid $150,000 for 50 trucks with advertising displays. It spent another $30,000 on a separate set of 10 trucks with digital billboards. Images from the day show that these ads displayed a combination of pro-Trump and anti-CCP messages…One vendor familiar with those rentals said that Guo’s backers had secured “as many trucks as they could” and noted that renting 60 trucks for a single event “is unheard of in this industry.”

Transaction records reveal that on December 3, 2020, the same company that had paid vendors for the November 14 event wired $100,000 to the Fightback Foundation, a nonprofit run by Wood, the pro-Trump lawyer.”

NFSC is the acronym for the New Federal State of China, an organization established by Guo and Steve Bannon under the guise of being “anti-CCP.” William Je, a senior operative of the United Front who remains at large despite being indicted by the DOJ on March 15, 2023, is responsible for handling the financial aspects of NFSC and has close ties with Guo Wengui, now in custody without bail. See, Bannon’s Friend, Guo Wengui, Is Financed by William Je

Guo’s interference in the US electoral process began several months prior to January 6th. Prior to the 2020 General Election, Guo’s associates collaborated with Steve Bannon to orchestrate a disinformation campaign targeting the Biden Campaign, focusing on the alleged discovery of Hunter Biden’s laptop.

On July 26th, 2022, Mother Jones published More Leaked Audio: Bannon Bragged That He Used Porn to Help Smear Hunter Biden:

“In the leaked audio, however, Bannon explicitly acknowledged his role in making sure that Guo and his colleagues obtained and published explicit material from the laptop. ‘We got the hard drive and got it to you,’ Bannon reiterated to the Guo associates at the meeting. 

Bannon has worked with Guo since shortly after Bannon’s ouster from the White House in 2017. Guo paid Bannon at least $1 million to help launch his media companies, and Bannon later worked as a director of GTV.”

On March 30th, 2022, Washington Post published: Here’s how The Post analyzed Hunter Biden’s laptop

“In their examinations, Green and Williams found evidence that people other than Hunter Biden had accessed the drive and written files to it, both before and after the initial stories in the New York Post and long after the laptop itself had been turned over to the FBI.”

According to Mother Jones:

“Aiming to hurt Joe Biden’s chances and at least narrow the election results, Bannon ensured that sexually explicit material from Hunter Biden’s laptop was widely publicized. For that, he enlisted help from his patron, exiled Chinese mogul Guo Wengui. Bannon also expressed approval of lies by Guo and his associates about what that material actually showed, referring to their false accusations that Hunter Biden committed salacious crimes as ‘editorial creativity.’”

Following the manufactured Hunter Biden scandal, Chinese disinformation operatives based in Australia actively promoted it, including Sydney Daddy, who served as a keynote speaker at the Sydney Symposium.

Sydney Daddy has been fervently promoting far-right narratives targeting Democrats in the US. Below is a screenshot of his YouTube channel:

Sydney Daddy has been identified as a member of the CCP Propaganda program, aimed at influencing the Chinese community worldwide.

In 2020, a significant number of promoters of Far-Right disinformation were based in Australia, their activities were not limited to targeting Hunter Biden and several were speakers at the Sydney Symposium.


We are now halfway through sharing our findings regarding the involvement of Chinese Intelligence in J6. As our readers can observe, the influence warfare tactics employed by Chinese Intelligence are highly sophisticated and backed by a global infrastructure.

The United Front played a direct role in the planning of the presence of Chinese at J6. However, there is still much that remains unknown and awaits resolution by the authorities. Questions persist about the connections between these agents. It has been observed that the disinformation agents embedded within the Chinese dissident community share significant overlap with CAAFT, as revealed during the J6 planning meeting on December 19th, 2020.

Chinese OSINT researchers have deduced that Australia serves as the location for a Russian-style content farm, which fuels numerous disinformation campaigns. It is crucial for the intelligence communities in the US and Australia to delve into the details of the Sydney Symposium that took place on March 13th, 2021. This symposium served as a significant demonstration of power for this community, and one of its key themes involved spreading what they referred to as “truth” into Taiwan, aiming to sow doubts among Taiwanese constituents about the legitimacy of the American administration.

Chinese Intelligence’s involvement in J6 has not yet been widely recognized by the American public, but its extent is appears far worse than many currently perceive.

The controversies surrounding Hunter Biden’s laptop, the dissemination of big lies by Epoch Times, the spread of COVID disinformation by YouTubers affiliated with Falun Gong, and the activities of GTV should not be examined in isolation. It is also not a mere coincidence that out of the five social media apps favored by the MAGA movement, China has managed to gain control over four of them. Falun Gong controls SafeChat, Guo Wengui owns GETTR, a company connected to Wuhan operates Truth Social, and China is involved in hosting Parler. It is further worth noting that the present investigation into Russian money being laundered into Truth Social may evidence cooperation between China and Russia in this disinformation campaign.

The evidence available strongly indicates that these various elements are part of a larger plan. Many high-profile dissidents and business elites within the Chinese community may not be who they portray themselves to be.

It is crucial for our media and intelligence community to recognize and address this challenge. The current approach of focusing on individual cases in isolation perpetuates a tunnel vision that is ineffective, as is evidenced by the articles and threads on Twitter published by Hark Herald Press.

Until America acknowledges that our opponent is playing a different game, one backed by years of groundwork and extensive resources, we will remain ill-prepared.

More to come.

Stay tuned.

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