About us

About Us

Hark Herald Press was founded in early 2020 by a small group of individuals with a desire to create a news and information site with more than a rehash of the day’s news. It was founded on the premise that good content is all about accuracy and relevance, and that a good story is one that is well-researched and accurately portrayed. This means looking into all sides of a story in order to present a fair and balanced perspective in a format that is easily digestible.

The primary founder of Hark Herald Press, Andy Davis, is a holder of a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and a minor in Public Law. At the time of Andy’s graduation, his school’s Political Science program was rated 7th in the nation by US News and World Report.

Andy was born in a small, rural town where agriculture was the main industry. He grew up as a God fearing Christian in a community that played, worked and worshiped together. Around 2003, after the US invaded Iraq under false pretenses, he broke ranks with the Republican party. Today, Andy is an independent and dedicates this site to the coverage of both liberal and conservative issues.

Andy enjoys a quiet lifestyle in sunny California with his wife and children. When he is not working on Hark Herald Press, Andy enjoys gardening, restoring sports cars and building cool things in his garage.

The rest of the crew at Hark Herald is comprised of one or more teachers, engineers, doctors, lawyers, private investigators and, of course, parents. Along with Andy, they share the belief that a good news site is about objectivity and fairness. There are Democrats, Republicans and Independents on the team. They all have wide and varying views, but still manage to find enough common ground to come together and report on issues that matter to us all.

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The Team

Andy Davis
Founding Editor
Louis hardiman